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In-Home Math & Science Tutoring for Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, Seal Beach math tutor, Seal Beach English Tutor, Newport Beach History Tutor, Huntington Beach History Tutor Chris.


Chris is an Aneheim resident who will travel to many areas of Orange county for in home tutoring. He has a level of patience and gravitas well beyond his years, and has had a calming effect on many students he has tutored who may deal with ADD or who have focusing issues. He adapts his teaching style to the student's individual needs and tailors his approach to each student he works with. He is a history major at Cal Poly Pamona and will be graduating in the spring of 2015.

Aside from History courses Chris is excellent at tutoring math and English for K-12 in the cities of Seal Beach and Huntington Beach. He is also a great choise if your student is in grade or middle school and needs general course help, study skills, or coaching. As an Aneheim resident he will travel to the neighboring cities of Long Beach and Irvine as well for in home tutoring lessons for algebra and US History AP.

    Subjects Tutored:
  • Biology
  • Algebra 1
  • Algebra 2
  • Geometry
  • US History AP, regular.
  • World History AP, regular.
  • All K-12 English Honors, regular.
  • AP exam prep all history courses.
  • General K-8th all course help.

  • Aneheim In Home Tutoring.
  • Seal Beach In Home Tutoring.
  • Irvine In Home Tutoring.
  • Newport Beach In Home Tutoring.
  • Long Beach In Home Tutoring.
  • Santa Ana In Home Tutoring.
  • Coata Mesa In Home Tutoring.

Rate: Chris's rate is 40 to 50 per hour, and mainly depends on the drive time and length of the lessons.

    Chris has been tutoring for several years. Below are some of his past tutoring jobs.

  • Americorps, Riverside (RCC), CA Tutor – Assisted elementary students with their homework during an after school program. The focus is improving reading and comprehension of the students. Work closely throughout the school year with a group of approximately six children. Communicate to the parents their child’s weaknesses and strengths. Participate in community service projects.
  • Riverside Community Center: Tutor – Worked in a classroom with another tutor to assist approximately thirty middle school students with their homework in an after school program. Helped students get involved in athletic activities and arts/crafts. Helped resolve adolescent disputes. Participated in ninety hours of community service projects. Completed forty hours of training.
  • Additionally he has experience with classroom teaching (20-30 students). While the skill set is much different for a classroom vs one on one the experience one gains in such an endeavor can be highly usefull for one on one tutoring and for knowledge of how students can do well or falter on tests and in the overall learning process.

For more info on Chris or to set up a lesson email any time or clal during business hours.


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