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    Why Mercury Tutors?

  • Results:Only tutors who consistently get great reviews from families remain in the network.
  • The best tutors: credentials, personality, motivational skills, mastery of subjects. Your tutor will be amazing or you get a refund, no questions asked.
  • Rates$40 per hour, or $50 for AP courses & college courses.
  • Pay as you go:No block of lessons required. Just pay as you go and get a full refund if for any reason you aren't 100% happy with your tutor.

Welcome to Mercury Tutors. We are a network of elite in home tutors for the cities of Newport and Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa. Some specific subjects our tutors will help with are math and science, including tutoring for such difficult courses such as algebra 1 and 2 honors and chemistry AP and honors. Our language specialists are available to tutor English and Spanish courses for all K-12 levels for cities ranging from Newport Beach up to Huntington Beach.

The tutors in this network have been chosen from a pool of hundreds of applicants over the past several years. We pay no money to bookkeepers, executives, or office rent. You get the highest quality tutors for very affordable rates.

  • Selection process: Mercury Tutors is one of the most sought after networks by tutors looking for more students. Of the numerous applicants who want to be part of our group it is only those with truly outstanding talent and credentials who are allowed in for a probationary trial. For those who begin in our network it is the tutors who continually get outstanding reviews from parents that remain.

  • Results: To stay in this network a tutor must prove that she is able to improve her pupils' grades, to motivate, to make lessons fun, and most importantly to be clear with the parents and the students what the goals are academically and to help the student to achieve those goals. If the tutor knows the goal is to get A's in pre-calculus honors and in biology AP he will likely use different tactics than for a student who is a senior and just wanted to pass his class.

  • Personality: Those who are the best at certain subjects are often are not the best at explaining them. Our network puts less emphasis on such things as going to an ivy league school or having a doctorate and more emphasis on mastery of the subject and an ability to explain it well. In addition to these requirements each tutor must have a very likeable personality. In the difficult curriculums of the beach areas subjects as algebra and chemistry are boring enough on their own; having a tutor who is fun to be around can make a huge difference in the student's approach to school and to these difficult subjects. Further, spending 2 hours with a boring or weird tutor is something that in our network is seen as totally unacceptable.

    For more info please call during business hours or email us any time.

    Thank you.



    ** South Bay residents: please visit our sister site if you need a math or science in home tutor in the South Bay cities of Redondo or Manhattan Beach or if you are in the Palos Verdes or Torrance areas.

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